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SEPTIMA arranges the sale of an attic maisonette apartment in a prime location of Chemnitz (Saxony) in Salztraße on the Schloßberg hill.

idyllic grounds at winter time

SEPTIMA arranges the sale of a one-family house in the up-and-coming district of Adelsberg in Chemnitz, Saxony.

One-family-house Chemnitz-Adelsberg

SEPTIMA receives an order for the sale of a one-family house in a very good location in Chemnitz.

warehouse building Leipzig-Plagwitz

A group of private investors from Leipzig has purchased an abandoned building, listed for monumental protection and situated in Leipzig Plagwitz, in november 2016. Seller was a private real estate funds from Berlin.

SEPTIMA receives exclusive order for the marketing of an attic apartment in the Chemnitz top location.

The "Linde" in Naumburg-Almrich

Built in 1840 the building is currently in the planning phase. There are especially plan versions for the futurely use in development. We assume mixed use, residential and commercial. Although marketing is not yet taking place, we are almost in contact with prospective tenants.

In October 2015, SEPTIMA took over the administration of a commercial property in Naumburg/Saale.

A closed-end property investment funds from Southern Germany has purchased an apartment block in Leipzig-Moeckern in march 2015. Seller was a German asset management company.

facade detail, property Leipzig Doelitz, Saxony

A private property investor from Hessen, Germany has purchased an apartment block in Leipzig-Dölitz in august 2015. Seller was a private owner from Saxony-Anhalt.

residential buildings in Zwickau Nordvorstadt

SEPTIMA has purchased a residential and commercial property in Zwickau Nordvorstadt in june 2015.

building ensemble, partial view

A private investor from Germany acquired an investment property in Leipzig Stoetteritz, Saxony, in September 2012. The seller was a servicing subsidiary of a US investment fund.

view into the staircase

The Art Nouveau building was extended in the 1990s with a new construction and an underground garage. It is located in the best Leipzig location and has a total residential area of 1492 sqm in addition to the 25 underground parking spaces.

building, partial view

A specifically established Italian corporation acquired a apartment block in Leipzig-Reudnitz in May 2010. The acquisition took place by foreclosure auction in the form of a highest bidding guarantee. The seller and mortgage creditor was a servicing company commissioned by a US investment fund.

Video inside

The apartment is located on the 2nd floor of an apartment building built in 1898 and completely renovated at the end of the 90s in the Zwickauer Nordvorstadt. The apartment has been completely renovated in recent months and thus brought up to date.


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